Deadmau5 @ Ice Palace in Miami, February 15th

Dance Charts, Electro House

Deadmau5 is so popular right now that little is left to be said about him. Yes, the great DJ and producer, with the funky costume comes again in Miami. He produces a variety of styles within the house genre and sometimes other forms of electronic dance music. His tracks have been included in numerous compilation albums and he worked alongside other DJs and producers, such as Kaskade, MC Flipside, Rob Swire, Pendulum, Wolfgang Gartner, Bighorse, and on a number of releases, he partnered with Melleefresh. Here is Deadmau5 feat. Wolfgang Gartner – Channel 42 which sounds amazing.


So what should we expect? Ideally lots of electronic music. If you’re planning on buying tickets (you can get them on WantTickets or Eventful), then be advised, you’re in for a really crazy night because there’s many cases of things done in a show outside the usual. Things such as occasionally mocking other artists, like Avicii, or getting hit by a laptop thrown by Skrillex, or even playing Bon Jovi on-demand for cash and suing a gambler afterwards  (rumor says that guy is one of those people who play casino games at Netbet).

So make sure to check it out. Whether you’re going there to sit front row and look at things happen, or you just stay home and do nothing (like always), at least get the podcast or watch some videos. Crazy things will be going on and you shouldn’t miss them!

Ear Peace Review – Unboxing and Actual Test (Full Review)


See these tiny shiny little buds here? Well they promise that whatever loud environment you get into (like huge, kick-ass parties, or at the beginning of RWY 14L, or on the deck of USS Nimitz), from now on, it will make your life so much less noisy, less trouble for your hearing, and a lot more enjoyable for you.


Sara was kind enough to send us a couple of Ear Peace plugs, so we can have a look at them. Thanks Sara.

What Are They Supposed To Do?

You put them in your ear (obviously) and, using very advanced alien-like technology, supported by years of study and research in the field of sound and hearing and perception and what not, it attenuates only the higher sound levels, while still keeping up its quality and still allowing you to hear yourself and hear others that might try to talk to you.

What Will You Get


Besides the plugs (you get 3 of them), you also get a high-quality aluminum key chain recipient to store them, printed instructions and explanations, and a set of three, red plastic pieces, which change your plugs from low to medium hearing protection.

The nice thing is that you get 3 of everything! Just in case you are crazier and lose one or whatever. So instead of getting 4 plugs, we ended up with 6 of them, which means a third person could use one extra from each one of us.

How Do They Work?


This is the active piece in the buds, the one which does everything. Those are interchangeable, meaning that if for whatever reason your environment requires better protection, you just take out the skin tone-tinted one, and swap it for a red one. It’s not rocket science, but you do have to be careful where you do it – otherwise… it’s just very tiny and it goes on the floor. More on this should be on the Ear Peace website.

The Keychain Recipient

The keychain is actually what really got us. It’s high-quality, shiny and very fashionable. It’s a very stylish 3-piece aluminum casing that screws off and lets you store your buds in it.


The cool part is that you don’t really need the longer centerpiece. You can just leave it off and screw the other two parts together. Enough room in there two fit a pair of Ear Peace ear plugs.


The opposite of course is also possible. Actually, we’ve tried combining them in several ways, and it’s pretty cool.


Pricey or… Not Really

Well, depending on where you get them, they shouldn’t be more than $13 for a pair plus the shipping.

You can buy them in tan, light or black skin variants. And the shiny casing comes in dark, silver or pink colors.

Do They Really Work?

Just to make sure we’re getting them reviewed properly, we actually went to a party and tried them out. So here is our experience.

There are a couple of things to bear in mind. One is that you need special instructions on how to insert them to make sure you enjoy full hearing protection and that they don’t come off. You’re supposed to stretch the ear canal, insert them, and push them in a little gently until they seem comfortable. You do get instructions on how to do this properly.


Secondly, the first two minutes after you put them in are a little bit unusual. Everything you hear is going to sound much more distant, much less intense, seemingly further away from you. Then, your own voice is going to seem muffed. All this is usual, but you are going to get used to it pretty quickly.

Your friends still need to raise their voice; otherwise you won’t hear them well.

As to how they look, yes, they might look a little weird but only if you look closely, and from a side. Please say hello to our friend Obi. :)


We got up very close to the decks, and where the speakers were. Music is still loud upfront, banging hard; the bass line is still pounding hard and still makes your shirt move, but after 15 minutes of straight dancing and drinking, just the atmosphere will start to seem… not loud enough?


So at one point I even said hell; it’s just not loud enough for me as it is, I’m taking one bud off. That’s the moment when I discovered what these ear buds do. So at that point, the sound was sooooo freakin’ loud, so intense… very harassing. Took me a few seconds to get the bud back in correctly but I was like whoa man! The right ear was ringing from loudness, on top of the sound. It is an unpleasant experience.

I didn’t pay much attention to the sound quality though. In my opinion, it doesn’t matter. Even without the buds, at that high sound level all you can hear is garbage if you’re that close to the speakers. Whether the buds keep it up or not, they can’t enhance anything. The best they do is normalizing the sound and keep it low to protect your hearing. Which is good. Kudos to Ear Peace.


If you’re a careless guy, or you rarely go to any parties at all, then you don’t need them.

But if you do go to parties regularly, and you do enjoy music, and you love to sit front-row on the fence and shout and be crazy and dance, your experience is going to be a whole lot better with the Ear Peace ear plugs.

So go here, get a pair and try them out. Truth is you really don’t know how good they are unless you actually try them out yourself!

What We Can Expect From Lil Wayne’s Stockholm Show

Dance Charts


In case you haven’t heard, rap superstar Lil Wayne is getting ready to head our way on Thursday, Oct. 24. That night, he’s scheduled to perform at the Stockholm Globe Arenas and if you’re looking to attend, you can still buy/find tickets on Eventful. But even if you’re not going to be there for the show and you’re a Weezy fan, we wanted to take a look at what we can expect from his performance.

If one thing’s clear right from the start, we know we will be entertained. There’s no question or doubts there, because Wayne’s long been one of the most intriguing characters in hip-hop since he since with Cash Money Records in 1991 at the tender age of 9. Yeah, he’s been doing this music thing for a long time and, as a result, has perfected his live show to bring concert-goers to another planet.

After all, Wayne admits that he’s not a human being on the titles of two of his projects, the second of which actually dropped this past March. One of the highlights on there was definitely “Love Me,” a collaboration with fellow hit-makers Future and Drake. That reminds us, did you hear the awesome remix of that track by ETC!ETC! and AC Slater? Man, it would be pretty amazing if Wayne’s DJ or one of the openers decided to spin that before his set. In addition to that remix, Wayne has traveled into the world of EDM in other ways. He’s appearing on labelmate Paris Hilton’s upcoming dance single and, even more enticing, had his massive “A Millie” single remixed into the stratosphere by Excision and Datsik.

Along with “Love Me”, it’s likely that we’ll hear plenty of verses from his more recent tracks and collaborations over the past few months. Most notably, there’s his barely one-month-old mixtape with DJ Drama, Dedication 5, that features a whopping 29 tracks. To be fair, several of them are skits and interludes, but there’s still plenty of new Weezy to dig through to satisfy his longtime fans and newcomers alike.

There are also his verses on the self-titled debut album from the Young Money/Cash Money supergroup, Rich Gang. Like his standout track with Birdman and R. Kelly, “We Been On,” that has a newly revealed music video that finds the three artists toasting the good life. This includes some drinks of champagne, hanging with models, and what appears to be a poker game. None of those activities should come as a surprise, especially the poker game given Weezy’s history and fondness for gambling. He’s probably the type of guy to fire up his smartphone and play some games on sites like Betfair. Once he’s all set up, he can easily play poker (like he does in the video) along with live roulette, blackjack, and even craps like he did in this studio clip against Birdman and Bow Wow. Wayne’s other remarkable appearances on Rich Gang include “Tapout” and “Bigger Than Life,” both of which feature Weezy going lyrically toe-to-toe with cohorts like Nicki Minaj, Tyga, and Mack Maine.

If all this speculation is too much for you and you’re looking for a better way to get prepared – come on, who doesn’t love singing along at shows? – we’ve got you covered there, too. All you have to do is head over to Setlist.FM, where you can check out full rundowns of the tracks he’s performed during his shows this past year or so. You’ll see that we were definitely on point with some of our predictions, including “Love Me” and “Tapout,” but it’s great to see him dip deeper into his catalog for tracks like “Steady Mobbin’.” Yeah, it’s safe to say that we can’t wait for this one.

Remember: If you want to catch Weezy in concert on Oct. 24, be sure to get a ticket now at Eventful. They won’t be available for long.

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